bespoke oak furniture for the house and garden

Each piece of furniture we make is as remarkable as the wood it comes from. They are collaborations with nature. A marriage of traditional tools and age-old methods that produces beautiful, handmade, bespoke oak furniture for the house and garden.

Our skill lies in breathing new life into naturally fallen, naturally seasoned wood – giving it new form.

The processes we employ tread lightly on the land. And our low-energy, low-tech approach to craftsmanship reveals the organic beauty in the wood. It is our partner in the process not simply our material.

Through our ethical, sustainable philosophy, using locally sourced timber which we fashion by hand, we bring a timeless originality to each piece.

From our workshop at Lower Farm in Enchmarsh, Shropshire, each piece of oak furniture we produce has its own story.

Simple and unique since 2009.

your vision

We always work closely with our clients. We like to spend time understanding your vision and finding the perfect timber to make it a reality.

By listening to you we create oak furniture that speaks to you and make you part of their story.